Petrochemicals and polymer chemistry – trace moisture to be measured drift- and maintenance-free

Long-term stable measurement with fibreoptic procedure in gases and liquids

Starting with processing natural gas in terms of gas drying or quality testing in gas transport, the Hygrophil F and the Hygrophil HCDT from BARTEC BENKE offer a combined measuring system which is well established in the natural gas and biogas industry.

For reasons of plant safety and to assure adherence to contractual limits, it is necessary to determine the hydrocarbon and water dew point (moisture). Naturally, the HYGROPHIL F®-5673 offers the calculation method developed by the European Gas Research Group (GERG), which is currently the most reliable method of calculating the correlation between dew point and water content in conformance to DIN EN ISO 18453.

The robust moisture sensor also reveals its strengths in a lot of gaseous and liquid intermediates and products from refineries and the petrochemicals industry. In the process for drying liquefied cracked gas (C2/C3) from the refinery, the moisture sensor can be fitted directly into the product pipeline without time-consuming sample preparation. A great number of worldwide installations prove the fibreoptic sensors’ reliability, even at very high levels of pressure.

In ethylene derivatives or in the film and packaging production it is mandatory to measure the trace moisture in order to prevent even low quantities of water vapour inactivating catalysts.

Established installations have been running reliably and maintenance-free for many years in the various areas of use in the petrochemicals and polymer chemistry industry, natural gas and biogas applications and in compressed-air technology.

This measuring system repeatedly proves its advantages and reliability in international competition and for many years it has stood for quality moisture measurement from the house of BARTEC BENKE.

The Hygrophil F®-5673 offers the optimum measuring performance with the following advantages:

  • High measuring accuracy
  • Long-term stability of the sensor (no drift!)
  • Low maintenance work
  • Measurement in gases and liquids up to 200 bar
  • For up to 3 sensors
  • Approved in conformance to ATEX, CSA, GOST and CRN
  • Contact our friendly and competent team to obtain more information and customised solutions for your measuring task.

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