Spot the difference! GC-Inlet Liners from SGE

Choosing the right inlet liner and injection parameter can reduce detection limits by up to 300%

To help you make the right inlet liner choice every time, SGE has made liner selection easier to understand, introducing color coding by geometry, and selection tools to facilitate your decision for the best analysis.

Customer research conducted by SGE found that a significant number of GC users don’t understand the importance of inlet liner selection, or how it contributes to their analysis. The SGE inlet liner range aims to make it simple for all gas chromatographers to select the right liner.

SGE's new enhanced inlet liner range brings these benefits to gas chromatographers:

  • Easy to choose -Color coded by geometry to simplify your selection.
  • Easy to use -Contain o-rings so you’re ready to go.
  • Confidence in the analysis -Certified deactivation gives confidence in the analysis
  • Range covers all applications, all popular instrument makes/ models as well as vaporizing and cool on-column injection techniques
  • Inlet liners ensure complete transfer of sample from syringe to the column without loss and the improved liner designs have improved both precision and accuracy of sample transfer

Since inlet liner selection is so important, and yet unfortunately frequently misunderstood or overlooked, SGE has made some changes to the inlet liner range to make selection simple optimize your results.

To assist the easy choice of the correct liner, SGE offers the software-based Liner Selection Tool:

With only few parameters like GC model, injection technique and type of sample the software offers the best suited liner. The tool also includes a handy Vapor Volume Calculator that checks if you are injecting too much for a particular liner.  It can help you avoid the ghost peaks, injector contamination, and quantitation errors associated with Flashback.

With SGE the correct choice of inlet liners is easy- that is what makes the difference!

If you have any questions or need a quote request information now!

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