The right decision: Safely and reliable dispensing with the robust OPTIFIX® dispensers

Through the use of highly resistant materials even aggressive media can be dosed safely and remain pure

The FORTUNA® OPTIFIX® dispenser stands out not only by virtue of the bright yellow finger protection caps from the wide range of bottle top dispensers.

Key benefits, such as visibility of the dosing, the use of durable materials such as PTFE and borosilicate glass, and the complete lack of metallic materials, have led to the great success of OPTIFIX® dispenser with its long lifespan. All OPTIFIX® dispensers can be used for trace analysis.

The valve system uses gravity, which returns the sapphire valve ball back into the valve ball seat.

Also unique are the ‘big sizes’ of the OPTIFIX® BASIC and SOLVENT dispenser, which are available in the volume ranges 40- 200 ml, 60 – 300 ml, 100 – 500 ml.

The following FORTUNA® OPTIFIX® bottle top dispensers are offered for safe dosage of (nearly) all chemicals:

  • OPTIFIX® BASIC (for dispensing aqueous solutions, acids, crystallising liquids)
  • OPTIFIX® SOLVENT (for dispensing solvents)
  • OPTIFIX® SAFETY (for dispensing strong acids and corrosive chemicals)
  • OPTIFIX® SAFETY S (for dispensing fuming acids and other liquids)
  • FORTUNA UNIVERSAL® OPTIFIX®  HF (for dispensing all liquids that can be handled with the OPTIFIX Dispenser and for hydrofluoric acid)

The OPTIFIX® BASIC dispenser has a PTFE encased dispensing piston, which prevents the dispensing piston from sticking in the glass cylinder because of e.g. crystallisation. The BASIC dispenser is recommended for e.g. low concentrations of acids such as hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, nitric acid, alkalis such as sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, and all aqueous salt solutions. The BASIC dispenser is offered in nine sizes from 0.4 ml to 500 ml.

The dispensing piston of the OPTIFIX® SOLVENT dispenser has no PTFE coating and is ground into the clear glass cylinder.  The SOLVENT dispenser is recommended for a broad range of solvents, such as acetone, chloroform or ethanol. The SOLVENT dispenser is offered in nine sizes from 0.4 ml to 500 ml, too.

The OPTFIX® SAFETY dispenser has a solid PTFE encased dispensing piston with a sealing lip at its end. Therefore, the SAFETY can be used for the dosage of strong acids, such as concentrated hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid and is available in six sizes from 0.4 to 100 ml.

For added safety the new OPTIFIX® SAFETY S dispenser with safety stopcock and additional safety valve in the ventilation tube is included in the product range and can be used even for fuming acids and other corrosive liquids, such as fuming hydrochloric acid or bromine.

The FORTUNA® UNIVERSAL OPTIFIX® HF is the new bottle top dispenser, that can be used for almost all liquids - including hydrofluoric acid. The new design of the white finger cap fits very well into the modern laboratory. The FORTUNA UNIVERSAL® HF OPTIFIX® dispenser is available in five sizes from 1 to 100 ml.

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