Chemically resistant dispenser: Removal of liquid media made easy

The DURAN Group Dispenser: a safe and precise dispensing system

Easy and clean dispensing

Precise volume setting and exact dispensing in no time at all

The delivery scope of the DURAN Group Dispenser includes a certificate

Perfect interaction with guaranteed seal – DURAN® laboratory glass bottles and the DURAN Group Dispenser

The DURAN Group Dispenser facilitates safe, easy and clean dispensing in the lab. The thread of the DURAN Group Dispenser is perfectly matched to the GL 45 thread of DURAN® laboratory glass bottles, guaranteeing the best possible seal and reducing media loss. Additional benefits include safe storage of the content and protection against escaping vapours. The discharge tubes can be tightly sealed with a cap. The dispensers are compatible with other thread sizes using the adapters (GL 28, GL 32, GL 38, S 40) supplied.

The required volume is set on the dispenser and dispensed through the movement of the high-precision piston. The easy-action cylinder can be operated with just one hand, allowing effortless serial dispensing. The dispenser can be rotated freely around 360°.

In addition to borosilicate glass 3.3, the media only comes into contact with high-quality plastics such as PTFE, PFA, ETFE, FEP and a platinum-iridium compound. The DURAN Group Dispenser is therefore resistant to the majority of acids, bases and solvents, which combined with its virtually wear-free properties makes it a universal solution. A PFA sealing lip around the cylinder wall prevents crystallisation in the media, even in media that crystallises very easily, thus preventing the piston from becoming stuck.

A perfect combination: the DURAN Group Dispenser coupled with DURAN® laboratory glass bottles. Owing to their exceptional chemical resistance, DURAN® laboratory glass bottles are exemplary products for solvent preparation and storing even aggressive chemicals.

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