New PerkinElmer AxION 2 TOF MS: Exact Quantitation. Confident Results

Quantify with complete confidence across the entire mass range

The AxION 2 TOF MS offers a broad array of capabilities designed to simplify and streamline analytical workflows.

The innovative AxION Separation Probe facilitates chromatography directly at the ionization source. This minimizes dead volume effects in the system for superior signal-to-noise ratios, enhanced sensitivity and narrower peaks.

ESI & APCI ion sources - both feature unique interchangeable snap-in probes that can be dedicated to specific applications, minimizing cross-contamination and enhancing productivity.

The sophisticated LC/MS Nitrogen generator has Phthalate-free componentry with 24/7 continuous automatic operation. The generator also contains field-proven Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology, and is CE, UL & CSA approved.

By using the breakthrough TrapPulse technology on the AxION 2 TOF MS, you can typically experience a 10x increase in sensitivity (shown in blue) for clearer, more definitive results.

The AxION 2 TOF MS offers a broad array of capabilities designed to simplify and streamline analytical workflows. It delivers the ideal combination of mass accuracy, dynamic range, speed & sensitivity to optimize performance for any application.

This innovative system is packed with patented technology. It integrates perfectly with the fastest LC separations to deliver better signal-to-noise ratios and higher throughput for a wide variety of compounds.

  • Orthogonal Design - Maximizes resolution and sensitivity while minimizing background chemical noise.
  • Capillary Exit Collisionally Induced Dissociation (CID) - Allows you to modulate the ion fragmentation under vacuum in a controlled and clean environment at the capillary exit for more detailed structural elucidation.
  • Patented Ion Sources - Ensure ultimate sensitivity by delivering the most efficient nebulization and desolvation for the most effective ionization available. Including Ultraspray™ ESI, dual probe Ultraspray™ 2 ESI or Field-Free Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization (APCI). Each grounded source has been designed with the highest sensitivity, flexibility and ease of use demonstrated with features such as adjustability in XYZ direction for optimal methods, unique transponder for fast identification by the software and a single finger tight screw to change sources and perform routine maintenance without venting. In addition, each source has interchangeable snap-in probes to enhance productivity and user flexibility by reducing cross-contamination and offering personalization.
  • Patented Multi-Stage Ion Guide - Maximizes ion transmission across multiple vacuum stages for superior sensitivity.
  • V-Shaped Flight Path - Delivers the resolution needed to solve the toughest analytical challenges while maintaining the highest levels of sensitivity and mass accuracy.
  • Electron Multiplier Detector - Provides exceptional spectral integrity and superior peak resolution through a fast acquisition rate and wide dynamic 105 linear dynamic range.
  • Patented Capillary Shutter - Allows the capillary and entire source housing to be removed for maintenance without shutting down the vacuum.
  • Proprietary TrapPulse Technology - Increases sensitivity on average 10x by collecting dense packets of ions before accelerating them into the flight tube. The duty cycle of the pulser is synchronized with the arrival of the ion packets to ensure maximum ion transport to the state-of-the-art detector. Innovative and highly efficient, TrapPulse technology provides a higher amplitude signal and a reduction in baseline noise while maintaining exceptional resolution and mass measurement accuracy during Time-of-Flight MS acquisition.

Complementary software packages provide an intuitive robust interface offering ease of use for system and data management.

  • AxION eDoor™, PerkinElmer’s own revolutionary web based open access software solution, provides a MS solution to streamline your entire lab operation.
  • AxION Solo™ /Xpo™ provides rapid data analysis with advanced visualization and reporting for material characterization and multiple target analysis. For unknown compound identification or compound confirmation.
  • AxION EC ID offers formula identification with precise isotopic pattern and accurate mass scoring.
  • AxION eCipher™ provides post processing capabilities for the AxION 2 TOF MS as well as the Flexar SQ 300 MS for spectral and chromatographic viewing, quantitation, and component analysis.

The combination of the AxION hardware and software suite brings highly specific, fast and accurate quantification to quality control and research-based organizations and helps determine critical contamination levels across a broad range of samples including environmental soil and water, pharmaceutical components and pesticide analysis of food products.

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