Incubators and cooled incubators from Hettich – warm for your samples, cool for the climate

Sustainable. Ergonomic. Top quality

Variable, easy-to-use VariEasy tray system

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Special Hettich RackL and Hettich RackXL (Löwenstein) for 16 slant agar cultures

HettCube incubators are available in three sizes, with and without cooling in each case

Hettich incubators bring benefits for your cultures, your budget and the climate. They provide optimum growth conditions for your samples with a minimum impact on the environment. They are user-friendly, quality-tested and have a small carbon footprint.

An incubator from Hettich is suited for the incubation of microbiological cultures just as well as for long-term storage. The high-quality lab incubators are available in three different sizes - also as cooling incubators. We also offer special accessories such as orbital shakers and racks for our incubators.

  • High-quality equipment for added value
    Each HettCube incubator and cooled incubator comes with an HTS tray as a standard feature. The advantages of the Hettich Tray System (HTS):
    • Ideal grid dimensions
      The holders for the rails are placed to make optimum use of the internal space.
    • Standardised frame
      HTS trays and drawers are interchangeable. They fit in any HettCube
    • Seal-welded drawers
      Liquids cannot drip to the floor
    • High-quality stainless steel
      All of the components can be autoclaved in case of contamination.
    • Tray pulls out up to 70 %
      Telescopic rails make it easy to work and permit use of the entire surface area. Even samples that are way in the back can be easily reached. HTS trays and drawers can be inserted and removed almost horizontally.
    • Rugged pull-out mechanism
      External equipment like the Hettich HSM 10 orbital shaker can be loaded and unloaded with no trouble. A fixation kit (Cat. No. 60919), which additionally dampens the shaker movement in the cabinet is supplied at no charge.
  • HettCube incubators and cooled incubators are also available with a glass door
    The door allows you to keep a constant watch on your samples. You can get at them without having to open an additional inner door. Our sophisticated air circulation system makes this possible.
  • Hettich orbital shaker HSM 10 for HettCube incubators with cooling
    Hettich orbital shakers HSM 10 and cooled HettCube incubators are ideal partners. HSM 10 stands for Hettich Shaker Microbiology, with a maximum load of 10 kg. The HSM 10 is available in three sets. The sets, i.e. the platforms differ depending on the microbiological application.
    • Set 1
      Orbital shaker HSM 10 with universal platform for different vessels (incl. 5 tension rollers)
    • Set 2
      Orbital shaker HSM 10 with platform for a wide range on containers (antislip mat)
    • Set 3
      Orbital shaker HSM 10 with platform for Erlenmeyer flasks (incl. 18 clamps of different sizes)

      The robust metal casing of the shaker enables it to withstand temperatures up to + 65 °C and ensures a long service life.
  • Hettich RackL and Hettich RackXL (Löwenstein) for 16 slant agar cultures
    These flexible racks simplify handling, save time and enable the use of
    • tubes of different diameters (15 – 20 mm)
    • tubes of different lengths (100 – 125 mm or 126 – 170 mm)
    • different slant angles (5° or 20°)
      The slant angle of the tubes can be very easily changed without the need for tools. The racks are of high-quality stainless steel and can be autoclaved.
  •  Low energy consumption
    A HettCube consumes less than 0.05 kWh at an operating temperature of 37 °C.
  • Low GWP
    HettCubes are insulated with water-blown foam. The foam’s Global Warming Potential (GWP) is only a thousandth that of conventional insulation foams.
  • Environmentally friendly principle
    HettCube incubators can operate at a temperature difference of 1 K above a stable ambient temperature. This allows them to be used in situations where a different make would have to be one with cooling.
  • Gentle heat flow
    The HettCube range combines the advantages of natural and forced convection. The fans of these incubators are housed outside of the usable space, so that air flow is reduced. The temperature is maintained at the set point through radiated heat. The well-designed airflow system, combined with optimal insulation, means that no inner door is required.
  • Pleasant working environment
    HettCubes generate a maximum noise level of 44 dB(A).
  • Ergonomic handling
    The door will close itself if it is open by less than 90°.
    There are no internal doors to hinder loading and unloading.
  • Small footprint
    HettCubes have an ideal ratio between internal volume and the space they occupy. In addition, the door of a HettCube does not require space at the side for opening. Thus a HettCube can be positioned in a corner or directly next to other equipment.
  • Tested quality
    Quality management systems in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and 14001 are used for the development, production and marketing of HettCube incubators. All temperature data are ascertained in accordance with DIN 12880:2007-5.

HettCube incubators are available in three sizes, with and without cooling in each case:

HettCube 200 / 200 R
150 litres

HettCube 400 / 400 R 
310 litres

HettCube 600 / 600 R
520 litres

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