A new revolution in laboratory gloves



Back in 2007 our initial offering was a glove based on Skin Nitrile™ technology (a synthetic glove with a latex-like sensation) and compliant with the latest standards relating to the PPE Directive.

Now as you might expect the SHIELD Scientific revolution continues!

  • NEW AND UNIQUE FORMULATION which combines nitrile and neoprene in order to significantly improve the performance of the chemical and biological barrier. Neoprene also increases the elasticity to give unequalled comfort.

  • FREE OF ACCELERATORS that are commonly used in the curing stage. These chemicals are often associated with TYPE IV allergic reactions (also known as Delayed Hypersensitivity)

  • DOUBLE PROTECTION, thanks to our new twinSHIELD™ technology. The glove is made of two layers. The Orange outer layer is designed for excellent grip, especially in wet conditions. The White inner layer is extremely soft to enhance its appeal to the skin and to facilitate donning. This also means that double-donning is an effortless experience.

  • Category III PPE Glove
  • Nitrile/neoprene – Powder-free
  • Ambidextrous and with textured fingertips
  • AQL 0,65 (EN374-2:2003, Level 3)
  • Extra-length of 260 et 300mm to comply with EN374-1 :2003/EN420: 2003 + A1 :2009
  • Virus and micro-organism resistant
  • Improved chemical resistance

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