New MB-Rx reaction monitor for in-situ real-time monitoring

Robust and maintenance-free FTIR analyzer for direct reaction tracking

Reaction monitor MB-Rx with rugged ATR probe software Horizon MB

Reaction monitor MB-Rx with rugged ATR probe

Reaction monitor MB-Rx

User-fiendly software Horizon MB

The new MB-Rx reaction monitor enables R&D and process development teams to look into the progress of chemical reactions as they happen. The system delivers valuable information of the reaction kinetics – from raw material to the formation of products and by-products - in order to optimize development cycles and industrial processes in the shortest time possible. Later analyses and evaluation of the reaction data are performed through the integrated Horizon MB software.

The MB-Rx solution targeting R&D laboratories and pilot plants. It was designed around the key concepts of analytical performance, reliability and simplicity. The reaction monitor provides chemists with direct access to real-time experiment data via a rugged fibre-optic based ATR probe and an intuitive software interface. It is a plug-and-play solution that can be used at any time, and it does not require any consumables or maintenance.

Application range

  • Real-time monitoring of kinetics in chemical and biochemical synthesis reactions and of key parameters (intermediate, products and by-products)
  • Measurement of liquid samples
  • Pressure range up to 200 bar
  • Temperature range between  -150 °C to +140 °C

Target customers

  • Chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry
  • R&D sites, pilots plants and production
  •  Academic research laboratories

The MB-Rx benefits at a glance

  • No sample taking
  • Only small reaction volumes required (2 to 3 ml)
  • Direct access to real-time experiment/process data
  • More efficient test procedures
  • Powerful optics with room-temperature detector

Minimum operation costs

  • No consumables
  • Maintenance-free

Possible target applications

  • Fuels: determination of additives
  • Compositional monitoring of mixtures, detection of impurities
  • Oils and lubricants: monitoring components that have spectral features in ranges away from C-H combinations.
  • General chemicals: detection of impurities and analysis of inorganic materials
  • Chemical reaction monitoring: identification of functional groups
  • Polymerisation: detection of multiple bonds in molecules
  • Consumer products: detection of minor components, additives, impurities
  • Pharmaceutical product development: monitoring of low concentration compounds
  • Monitoring of fermentation and biotechnology applications

The intuitive Horizon MB Software supports:

  • Spectrums data base search
  • Interpretation of IR spectrums
  • Chemometrical evaluations
  • Automation of test procedures

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