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With NIR-Online you will always be able to meet the high demands of the market. Whether it is foodstuffs, animal feed, chemicals or pharmaceuticals – the same high product standards apply to each branch of industry: There is no room for compromise neither on quality and costs nor on consistent, reliable high product quality.

Whoever invests in optimising processes must be sure of counting on consistent, reliable high product quality in return. Nobody can afford a production with extended downtime as well as end products with poor quality.

NIR-Online systems work well through all interfaces. They accompany processes in their entirety, control reliably raw materials to be processed, monitor production process and check subsequently the end product. Through all process interfaces they offer maximum process transparency, greatest possible efficiency and security by calculable costs. NIR-Online systems ensure perfect process solutions.

NIR-Online: in the green- A system which excludes errors from the start

NIR Online systems are applicable for a large scale of production goods: liquids and pastes, as well as solid and viscous materials. They remove quality fluctuation from production processes and enable constant process monitoring and real-time control.

Automatic documentation and the interfacing of measured data in the current process control system guarantee 100 % traceability. Manual sampling is rendered unnecessary, product and consumption optimisation are ensured and complaints are prevented. The many advantages of NIR-Online are plain to see.

Determination methods

1.) Automatic determination of product homogeneity
Values are calculated by means of real-time measurement of spectral variation.

2.) Fingerprints (Quality)
Current measured spectra are compared with known spectra in a database, enabling you to determine – for example - the ideal end point of a mixing process.

3.) Quantitative and qualitative regulation
Initially, a calibrated spectral analysis of the individual components is carried out. This complex method ensures 100% conformity of quality and quantity of the recipe components.

NIR-Online systems: powerful and innovative
VIS / NIR spectral range and CCD camera

NIR-Online systems are equipped with automatic referencing and a redundant light source. It gives you 2 years of continuous operation – without maintenance. The use of a diode array spectrometer enables you to achieve superior rapidity of measurement with a high level accuracy, even with fast moving samples.

Furthermore NIR-Online offers additionally innovative systems with high resolution colour camera. It measures even the most fractional differences in colour, structure and size. As such, you are able to determine both outward characteristics and chemical properties, which can then be displayed in whatever form you may choose.

NIR-Online software and automatic calibration
The software package is used for automatic calibration for the predefined parameters. This software package optimises the calibration of the system at the push of a button in combination with the reference results. Further measurements of the customer are optimised without addressing the NIR-Online service or a specialist in each case.

Secure a decisive advantage in your market. Reduce costs, avoid downtime and increase product quality. From planning through to installation, from training through to the complete realisation – NIR Online takes responsibility and is, at all time, your professional partner.

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