Certified vessels for heavy metal-free digestion with heating blocks

Digestion systems

Berghof provides polypropylene digestion vessels with extremely low metal blank values incl. a purity certificate for heating block systems from different manufacturers (e.g. Environmental Express). The certified digestion vessels are distinguished by an excellent price/performance ratio and are the first choice in vessels for digestions with the highest quality expectations.

Heating block systems are used for digesting simple samples such as environmental samples (waste, soil, sludge, wastewater…). In order to exclude contamination, the samples remain in the same vessel from weighing-in through to the spectroscopic analysis. Therefore the purity of the digestion vessels is essential for trace analyses.

The acid-resistant polypropylene vessels are suitable for all EPA methods for heavy metal detection (EPA 200.2, 200.7, 200.8 or EN 13346 and EN ISO 15587-1) and are supplied with purity certification. It is not necessary to clean the digestion vessels, reducing the costs of manual work.

The exact grading of the digestion vessels simplifies the replenishment of the sample solution to the desired volume, and dispenses with the necessity for transfer. The vessels can also be used as storage containers because the practical screw-on lid seals them securely and durably.

In addition, Berghof sells HotBlock™ digestion systems from Environmental Express (Charleston, USA). “HotBlocks” are PTFE-coated graphite heating blocks with which up to 96 samples can be digested at once. Full automation of the digestion process is feasible with the unique AutoBlock™ systems.

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