Fast and thorough Microplate washing, or gentle washing for cells

Plug-and-play option to expand to powerful washer-dispenser workstation

Zoom Microplate Washer

Zoom HT Microplate Washer

Zoom HT Microplate Washer-Dispenser Combination

The Titertek Zoom Microplate Washer is a highly flexible and rapid microplate washer. It can switch between many washing methods without any modifications or upgrades. The device performs excellent washing of both 96- and 384-well plates.

The Zoom Microplate Washer can be easily set for thorough ELISA wash, gentle wash of loosely adherent cells, vigorous bead or microarray wash, and to virtually dry plates after a plate coating, wash-block-aspirate cycle.

Whether your application is

  • Cell washing
  • Bead and microarray washing
  • Microplate coating
  • Or… any of the above in combination with automatic reagent addition.

The Zoom Microplate Washer’s unmatched flexibility results from the special design of the wash head, a unique wash liquid evacuation system, and various wash parameter options easily selected and stored via onboard programming.

You want to process batches of microplates?

That’s a perfect job the Zoom HT Microplate Washer can do for you. Providing the same high quality wash features as the Zoom Microplate Washer, the Zoom HT Microplate Washer is equipped with a built-in plate stacker. Depending on the number of wash cycles the washer processes up to 250 plates per hour, effectively making the Zoom HT Microplate Washer the fastest microplate washer for high throughput applications.

Your application requires reagent addition after washing, or even between washing steps?

Just add the optional plug-and-play Dispense Module, a flexible dispenser solution for both Zoom Microplate Washer and Zoom HT Microplate Washer. The microplate washer instantly becomes an efficient washer-dispenser combination or even a washer-dispenser-stacker combination instrument. Because calibration is not required the same Dispense Module allows the use for bulk and low-volume dispensing. Timely and accurate one or two-channel reagent dispensing is ensured.

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