Biometra TRIO – Triple Powered PCR Thermocycler

The thermal cycler Biometra TRIO provides three independent sample blocks which can run three different PCR reactions in parallel more

Fluid aspiration system BioChem-VacuuCenter - Safe, Sensitive & Efficient

Powerful chemical-resistant diaphragm vacuum pump (BVC Control and professional) with a very long service life, even when working with aggressive ... more

PIPETMAN® M, the Electronic Pipette with Guaranteed Performance in Standard and Repetitive Pipetting

PIPETMAN® M has been designed to provide reliable results from the first to the last aliquot, for reliable sample preparation more

Entry level models for Automation of Liquid Handling, PCR setup or all routine pipetting tasks

Are you searching for an easy solution for precise and reproducible automated pipetting? The epMotion 5070 is our compact entry level model more

Easy but tremendous flexible - Automation of Liquid Handling and routine pipetting tasks

Get better reproducibility of your assays and free up your time with epMotion 5075 automated liquid handling systems more

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