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Microplate Reader - No longer choose between performance and flexibility

The CLARIOstar® from BMG LABTECH is a powerful multimode microplate reader with Advanced LVF Monochromators™, highly sensitive filters, and an ultra-fast spectrometer. It is a modular more

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  • Automated Dynamic Light Scattering

    DLS analysis is a widely applied, non-invasive method for measuring the effective size of molecules in solution. This technique yields valuable information for the characterization of molecules and particles. It facilitates formerly laborious and time consuming measurements, e.g. screening for aggregates or determining optimal crystallization conditions for proteins. The Wyatt Plate Reader is the instrument of choice for any application where molecular size, stability and aggregation are of interest. It reads industry standard microplates with up to 1536 samples automatically and temperature-controlled, if desired. The applications of the technique are wide ranging and include many of the fastest growing areas of research - proteins, biomaterials, liposomes and micelles as well as the established uses for particle sizing and aggregation detection. Conscious of the numerous characterization challenges in the area of drug delivery systems and therapeutic antibodies more

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Brandel Harvesters

   Systems for Direct   Radioactive Readers Fully-Automated Systems Semi-Automated Systems    Systems for Liquid   Scintillation Counters For Generic Vial Racks For Counter Vial Racks Deposit/Dispensers   PHD Harvesters     The Most Comprehensive Line of Harvesters in the World For Direct Plate Read more

Biomedical, industrial, & forensics :: Dynex – a Magellan bioscience company

SEARCH ABOUT US PRODUCTS SERVICES NEWS & EVENTS RESOURCES SOLUTIONS PARTNERS MYDYNEX Biomedical, industrial, & forensics – Our automated immunoassay systems deliver the rigorous and repeatable analysis you can count on, and the flexibility you need for your toughest analytical challenge. Scientists more

Sample Cell, Quartz Plate and Polarimeter Calibration Standard - Polarimeters and Saccharimeter Acce

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