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Combined measurement of nitric oxide and oxygen!

With even two analyzers of the new CLD 60 Ox series ECO PHYSICS combines for the first time the measurement of nitric oxide and oxygen. So get the benefit more

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  • The quantum dance of oxygen

    Perhaps not everyone knows that oxygen has– quite unusually for such a simple molecule – magnetic properties. The phase diagram of solid oxygen at low temperatures and high pressures shows, however, several irregularities (for example, proper "information gaps" with regard to these magnetic properti more

  • The symphony of life, revealed

    Like the strings on a violin or the pipes of an organ, the proteins in the human body vibrate in different patterns, scientists have long suspected. Now, a new study provides what researchers say is the first conclusive evidence that this is true. Using a technique they developed based on terahertz more

  • An organized approach to 3D tissue engineering

    Researchers at the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN) have developed a simple method of organizing cells and their microenvironments in hydrogel fibers. Their unique technology provides a feasible template for assembling complex structures, such as liver and fat tissues. According more

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  • Homogeneous IgG AlphaLISA® assay performed on BMG LABTECH's PHERAstar Plus

    Immunoglobulins or antibodies are proteins that are involved in the immune response. That makes them interesting drug targets. This application note shows the detection of the immunoglobulin IgG using an AlphaLISA® assay performed on BMG LABTECH's PHERAstar Plus. The AlphaLISA® technology utilizes oxygen to start a cascade of chemical reactions resulting in a luminescence signal at 615 nm. Sensitivity and Z´values obtained in different plate formats are presented. more

  • Sum parameters "on trail"

    Identification of organic pollutants in wastewater is essential for performance evaluation, construction and operation of a wastewater treatment plant. Several parameters are currently used in wastewater analysis applications. The advantages of TOC analyses are apparent especially during continuous monitoring more

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EVAL Europe - Building better barriers

Japan Europe Asia Americas EVAL Europe N.V. supplies the European, Middle Eastern and African market with high-barrier EVAL(tm) ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) copolymer resin. EVAL(tm) resins are characterised by their excellent processability and outstanding barrier properties. EVAL Europe EVOH Resi more

Dynisco - high-performance,cost-effective solutions for plastics extrusion processing

Skip navigation Search Plastics extrusion is a delicate process that requires not only accurate sensors and controls, but also fully integrated, finely engineered system solutions to ensure those controls perform according to the exact specifications needed for your application. With manufacturing f more

IKS International - Home

Enter a searchkey: Home News Press Releases Products XiltriX® system sensors CO 2 monitoring alarms reports traceability calibration/validation download flyer Distributors Wireless Monitoring Contact IKS International has built up an extensive product range over the years. Both equipment directly in more

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