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analytica-world.com is the industry portal of the international trade fair analytica, which is organized by Messe München.
analytica-world.com is the industry portal of the international trade fair analytica, which is organized by Messe München.
analytica-world news No. 10

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Welcome to the analytica-world news. In this issue of the newsletter you get more information about digital transformation in the laboratory and how the industry ensures food safety. Additionally, we provide you with product innovations, current business and research news.


Susanne Grödl,
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 Susanne Grödl
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analytica TV: Focusing on food analysis

Glyphosate in beer, dioxin in eggs, and mycotoxins in coffee. Again and again, food scandals are unsettling consumers. This is where food analysis comes in - to detect impurities and guarantee safety.   more

analytica TV: Digital Transformation at the laboratory

analytica 2018 showed how the bridge between big data and smart data is being built, and how the path to the digital laboratory is being prepared.   more

Debut edition of analytica Anacon India and India Lab Expo in Mumbai gets overwhelming response

In April, the trade fairs took place for the very first time in Mumbai - the financial and business capital of India - in addition to its annual flagship event in Hyderabad. Read the final report here.   more

Products Top

Certified Reference Materials for Instrument Performance Verification
Ensuring data integrity & compliance – Starna Certified Reference Materials

Verify your Spectrophotometer using Starna Certified Reference Materials – trusted by end-users worldwide for their excellent quality and reliability   more

Advanced Pipetting with Eppendorf's Multipettes Takes the Strain out of Serial Dispensing
The Electronic Multipette E3 and E3x from Leading Life Science Company Eppendorf Raise the Bar in Terms of Ease of Use and Versatility of Electronic Manual Dispensers

Developed in line with Eppendorf’s Physio Care Concept, electric motor driven dispensing helps to minimize the strain of work in the laboratory. E ...   more

All-Rounder for Solid/Liquid Extraction
SOXTHERM from C. Gerhardt: Efficient – Precise – Reliable

Extraction methods are often time-consuming and handling solvents is potentially dangerous. C. Gerhardt developed SOXTHERM to solve this problem   more

New KISS Circulators : Safe and Simple Operation
Low-Cost Cooling and Heating Circulators for Laboratory Applications from -30 to +200 °C

KISS stands for “Keeping Innovation Safe and Simple” and describes, what the devices embody: innovative technology with safe and simple operation   more

Let Your Sensor off the Leash
Wireless Sensors for pH, Conductivity, D.O. And Turbidity Measurement

Whenever measuring in confined spaces or keeping the instrument away is a must: Data transmission per wireless modules instead of cumbersome cables!   more

Microwave Digestion at Its Best
Multiwave 7000 digests every sample in disposable, Quartz or PTFE-TFM vials with plug-on caps

Multiwave 7000 with its Pressurized Digestion Cavity reliably digests every kind of sample in disposable, Quartz or PTFE-TFM vials with plug-on caps.   more

Moving Data: Across Systems, Technologies and Time
The Software Limsophy LIMS Integrates Systems, Bypasses Obstacles and Closes Technology Gaps

Data must be able to bypass systems and technologies easily and persist over time. The software Limsophy helps hereby   more

QCM-D Measurements with High Throughput and High Reliability at Reduced Personnel Costs
Benefit from automated sample feeding and monitoring of your measurements

Would you also like to do reproducibly QCM-D measurements overnight or without time-consuming manual sample feeding?   more

The new SigmaPlot 13: New Graph and Analysis Features
The easiest way to analyze and present your data

Systat Software has released SigmaPlot 12.5, the latest version of their most advanced scientific data analysis and graphing software package. Thi ...   more

Autosampler for the Fully Automated Analysis of up to 84 Samples
solid AA – Direct Solid AAS

Analytik Jena‘s solid AA technology offers an interesting alternative of conventional methods of elemental analysis   more

Sample Preparation on Top – TOPwave
Microwave-Assisted Pressure Digestion System

Contamination-free Vessels, to be loaded from above and ensure flexible handling without tools; contact less sensor technology monitors the temper ...   more

Automated Isolation & Purification of DNA or RNA
InnuPure C16 touch – The New Standard in Automated Extraction

The InnuPure C16 is a flexible and efficient extraction system for fully automated isolation and purification of nucleic acids   more

Mass Spectrometer for Research Applications Demanding Highest Sensitivity and Lowest Detection Limits
The New Perspective in ICP-MS

The PlasmaQuant MS series offers two high-performance models with lowest operating cost   more

Count on it - Eppendorf’s Multipette M4 dispenses up to 100 times
Without refill and counts all executed dispensing steps

Eppendorf’s Multipette M4 is the latest addition to the company’s hand-held serial pipetting range, designed to minimise the time and effort requi ...   more

Multipurpose and Easy-To-Use Instrument Is a Well Suited Option for Various Analytical Laboratories
Provides High Accuracy of the IR Measurement Data for Routine Applications at Low Investment Costs

Our new FT mid-IR spectrometer InfraLUM FT-08 has been designed basing on our extensive R&D and expertise in the infrared spectroscopy spectroscopy   more

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ZEISS: High-Tech Drives Growth

18-May-2018 - The first six months of fiscal year 2017/18 (ended 31 March 2018) were successful for the ZEISS Group and saw its revenue rise by 9 percent to EUR ...   more

A new way to stimulate cellular recycling process

18-May-2018 - Brown University researchers studying the biology of aging have demonstrated a new strategy for stimulating autophagy, the process by which cells ...   more

Analysis of causality principle for the conductivity of graphene

18-May-2018 - Vladimir Mostepanenko, Chief Research Associate of KFU Cosmology Lab and Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory, explains, "Despite graphene layers' ext ...   more

Genes that helps prevent brain disease

18-May-2018 - Scientists know that faulty proteins can cause harmful deposits or "aggregates" in neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's dise ...   more

Flowing cells in a wavy microchannel for effective size-based cell sorting

17-May-2018 - Nearly half a century ago scientists have noticed an interesting phenomenon that small particles flowing through a long tube can stay at a specifi ...   more

Neutrons measured with unprecedented precision using a 'magneto-gravitational trap'

17-May-2018 - A study led in part by physicists at the Indiana University Center for the Exploration of Energy and Matter could provide new insight into the com ...   more

Even low concentrations of silver can foil wastewater treatment

17-May-2018 - Research at Oregon State University has shed new light how an increasingly common consumer product component - silver nanoparticles - can potentia ...   more

Microscale IR spectroscopy enabled by phase change materials and metasurfaces

16-May-2018 - The mid-infrared is an interesting part of the electromagnetic spectrum that is composed of colours that cannot be seen by the human eye. Many che ...   more

RNA molecules predict adverse heart growth and function that can lead to atrial fibrillation

16-May-2018 - Researchers have identified that enlargement of the left atrium of the heart is linked to abnormal activity of molecules that are associated with ...   more

X-rays from tabletop lasers allows scientists to peer through the 'water window'

16-May-2018 - Studying the fleeting actions of electrons in organic materials will now be much easier, thanks to a new method for generating fast X-rays. The te ...   more

Tiny spiders, big color

15-May-2018 - There's plenty that's striking about Phoroncidia rubroargentea, a species of spider native to Madagascar, starting with their size - at just three ...   more

How signals get inside cancer cells and spur aggressive growth

15-May-2018 - The outside of a cancer cell is bombarded by signals. They come from the immune system, supporting tissues and other structures. But how do those ...   more

A faster and more efficient way to process information

15-May-2018 - University of Waterloo chemists have found a much faster and more efficient way to store and process information by expanding the limitations of h ...   more

Stone age hepatitis B virus decoded

14-May-2018 - An international team of scientists led by researchers at Kiel University in the scope the CRC 1266 “Scales of Transformation” and the Max Planck ...   more

Levitation yields better neutron-lifetime measurement

14-May-2018 - Being repulsive can have its advantages. In the case of an experiment at Los Alamos National Laboratory's linear accelerator, a repulsive magnetic ...   more

Discovery of how HIV hedges its bets opens the door to new therapies

14-May-2018 - A stem cell is one with infinite possibilities. So, for decades, scientists have puzzled over how the cell chooses to keep being a stem cell and c ...   more

New tool analyzes disease and drug effects with unprecedented accuracy and consistency

14-May-2018 - A new protein analysis tool developed at the University at Buffalo could vastly increase the speed and precision with which disease and drug effec ...   more

Elucidation of vibration energy of a single molecule in an external force field

14-May-2018 - A molecule adsorbed on a surface (Figure 1A) vibrates on the surface (Figure 1B). The vibration energy is determined by the mass of the molecule a ...   more

Tech bends light more efficiently, offers wider angles for light input

11-May-2018 - Engineering and physics researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a new technology for steering light that allows for more lig ...   more

Eurofins acquires German pharma quality service company

09-May-2018 - Eurofins Scientific announces that it has signed an exclusive agreement to acquire PHAST Gesellschaft für Pharmazeutische Qualitätsstandards mbH ( ...   more

Social context matters in spread of disease

09-May-2018 - "Patient zero" isn't entirely to blame when an infection takes root in a population. According to Rice University scientists, social context in th ...   more

AI detects patterns of gut microbes for cholera risk

09-May-2018 - Researchers from Duke University, Massachusetts General Hospital and the International Centre for Diarrheal Disease Research in Dhaka, Bangladesh ...   more

Agilent completes acquisition of Lasergen

08-May-2018 - Agilent Technologies Inc.announced that it has completed the acquisition of Lasergen, Inc. (Lasergen), an emerging biotechnology company focused o ...   more

Direct optical reading of single-molecule DNA bases in modified nanopores

08-May-2018 - imec describes a new concept for direct identification of single DNA bases. The technique has the potential to detect, with an unprecedented spati ...   more

Nanoscale measurements 100x more precise, thanks to improved two-photon technique

08-May-2018 - Technique uses photons, fundamental components of light, to measure nanoscopic materials thinner than 100,000th the width of a human hair - with 3 ...   more

Tracing cerebral cortex evolution, cell by cell

07-May-2018 - Our cerebral cortex, a sheet of neurons, connections and circuits, comprises “ancient” regions such as the hippocampus and “new” areas such as the ...   more

New technique could bring earlier diagnoses for muscular dystrophy, ALS and similar disorders

07-May-2018 - A new blood test could reveal the genetic roots of muscular dystrophy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and other disorders caused by the expansion o ...   more

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GFL Laboratory Devices – Current Product Brochures
Application Oriented, Technically Mature, Renowned for Durability and Reliability

GFL Laboratory devices: Deep Freezers, Water Baths, Shaking Water Baths, Incubators, Shakers and Water Stills   more

Optical Components for UV/Vis/NIR Spectroscopy
Extended Product Range and Helpful Tips on Application of Hellma Analytics Products

Discover the core range of Hellma Analytics products including cells, certified reference materials, micro volume analysis and optical immersion p ...   more

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Selecting your ICP-OES analyzer’s plasma interface: axial-view, radial-view, dual-view or new MultiView?

This paper reviews the concepts surrounding the optical interfaces that are available for ICP-OES spectrometers and discusses the relative strengths   more

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19-Jun-2018 | Houston
Characterization Techniques for Powders, Particles, and Porous Media


20-Jun-2018 | Rome
7th World Congress on Mass Spectrometry


20-Jun-2018 | Graz
A New Era of Density Measurement


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Project Toxicologist (Principle Scientist) (m/f)


Field Service Specialist


XRF Application Scientist


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