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CSEM SA leads a European consortium in revolutionizing infrared chemical sensing


The European Union has awarded a grant of 2.8 million Euro to the project PLAISIR (Plasmonic Innovative Sensing in the Infrared) which started 1st January 2010 and will run for three years. The goals of the project are to create ultra-sensitive chemical sensors and smarter, cheaper infrared (IR) ...


Carbon nanotubes form ultrasensitive biosensor to detect proteins


A cluster of carbon nanotubes coated with a thin layer of protein-recognizing polymer form a biosensor capable of using electrochemical signals to detect minute amounts of proteins, which could provide a crucial new diagnostic tool for the detection of a range of illnesses, a team of Boston ...


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Nanowires for the electronics and optoelectronics of the future

Process for manufacturing nanoelectronic 'mini-circuits' developed


Organic semiconductors are very promising candidates as starting materials for the manufacture of cheap, large area and flexible electronic components such as transistors, diodes and sensors on a scale ranging from micro to nano. A condition for success in achieving this goal is the ability to ...


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Quantum gas in free fall

Physicists produce a Bose-Einstein condensate at zero gravity - a step towards extremely sensitive quantum sensors for gravitation


A sensitive measuring device must not be dropped - because this usually destroys the precision of the instrument. A team of researchers including scientists from the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics has done exactly this, however. And the researchers want to use this experience to make the ...


Researchers pursue plasmonics and photonics technology for optical improvements


Air Force Office of Scientific Research-funded Professors Mark L. Brongersma of Stanford University and Stefan A. Maier of Imperial College London are investigating new applications for terahertz sensors. Based on their research, these sensors could be used for improving optical sources, ...


Optical Legos: Building nanoshell structures

Self-assembly method yields materials with unique optical properties


Scientists from four U.S. universities have created a way to use Rice University's light-activated nanoshells as building blocks for 2-D and 3-D structures that could find use in chemical sensors, nanolasers and bizarre light-absorbing metamaterials. Much as a child might use Lego blocks to build ...


Secrets of a chiral gold nanocluster unveiled


Researchers at the Department of Chemistry and Nanoscience Center (NSC) of the University of Jyväskylä (Dr Olga Lopez-Acevedo and Professor Hannu Häkkinen) have resolved the structural, electronic and optical properties of a chiral gold nanocluster that remained a mystery for ten years. The ...


Manufacturers to Offer Innovative Sensors to Remain Buoyant in the European Sensors Market, Finds Frost & Sullivan


Taking into account the climate change and growing environmental consciousness, sensors that can help users achieve greater energy efficiency are likely to be more popular than the ones used in other applications. In the current economic scenario, the rising costs of energy are making a robust ...


Tiny sensors tucked into cell phones could map airborne toxins in real time


A tiny silicon chip that works a bit like a nose may one day detect dangerous airborne chemicals and alert emergency responders through the cell phone network. If embedded in many cell phones, its developers say, the new type of sensor could map the location and extent of hazards like gas leaks ...


Energy-autonomous sensors in logistics: continuous control of perishable goods


The safety and quality in the food supply of today’s globally organized and networked supply chain is everything else than warranted. More than 50% of all foodstuffs are spoiled in the transport routes; alone in Great Britain this makes up 17 million tons and approximately 20 billion Euros. ...


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