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Cornell: Project aims to sequence 2,500 genomes

Cornell plays key role in developing most detailed map of human DNA variation


Cornell researchers are part of an international collaboration to build the most detailed map of human genetic variation. The map promises to provide a much more comprehensive understanding of the role of inherited DNA variation in human history, evolution and disease and the best methods to use ...


Pivoting hooks of graphene's chemical cousin could revolutionize work of electron microscopes


The single layer material Graphene was the subject of a Nobel prize this year but research led by a team of researchers at the University of Warwick has found molecular hooks on the surface of its close chemical cousin, Graphene Oxide, that will potentially provide massive benefits to researchers ...


Fuel cells in operation: A closer look


Measuring a fuel cell's overall performance is relatively easy, but measuring its components individually as they work together is a challenge. That's because one of the best experimental techniques for investigating the details of an electrochemical device while it's operating is x-ray ...


Scripps research team wins $5.1 million to develop DNA sequencing technology


Scripps Research Institute Professor Reza Ghadiri, Ph.D., has been awarded a four-year, $5.1 million grant as part of a National Institutes of Health (NIH) initiative to spur the development of the next generation of DNA sequencing technologies, which could enable biomedical researchers and ...


LabVantage Announces New Office in Monza, Italy


LabVantage announced the opening of its new office in Monza, Italy. "This new office not only serves as the strategic business development center for the European market, but also enables LabVantage to provide comprehensive training and prompt client services to both our local and regional ...


Sartorius expands portfolio for process analytics

Alliance with Berlin-based technology company Schmidt + Haensch in the field of refractometry


Sartorius has extended its portfolio of instruments for laboratory and process analytics. Sartorius will collaborate with the measurement technology firm Schmidt + Haensch, and add the latter’s refractometers to its line of products. Sartorius already unveiled its first refractometers for lab ...


Elemental bones

Bone samples could be the ultimate biomarker for environmental pollution


Exposure to chemical pollutants is of growing concern to regulators, health workers, and environmentalist groups alike. Now, researchers in the US and Russia have demonstrated that samples of human bone can act as a biological marker for dozens of metals and toxic elements across the periodic ...


ISO 9001 Accreditation Enhances Lab901’s Reputation for Quality


Lab901 announced that it has been awarded ISO 9001:2008 accreditation for manufacturing quality covering its ScreenTape® System for automated gel electrophoresis. ISO 9001:2008 addresses quality management systems and looks at, among other things, what an organisation does to fulfil a customer’s ...


WITec opens new regional headquarters in Singapore


WITec GmbH announced its further expansion into the Asian-Pacific markets with the opening of a new office in Singapore. In this step, WITec advances its strategy of being closer to the market and strengthening its position in the Asian-Pacific region. The decision to launch the new operations in ...


Carl Zeiss Ltd. acquires Imaging Associates Ltd.


Carl Zeiss Ltd has agreed to acquire Imaging Associates Ltd. as part of its continuing investment into customer support and service delivery. Imaging Associates (IMAS) has been supporting digital imaging platforms in research, clinical and industrial environments and distributing the Carl Zeiss ...


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