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Wave Motion - New Compounds for Molecule Interferometry Experiments


When waves meet, a new single wave is created. This phenomenon is well understood for mechanical waves such as sound, and electro-magnetic waves such as light, and the "interference" of light waves is applied in astronomy, fiber optics, and oceanography. The observation that even individual large ...


Tecan appoints Martin Brusdeilins as Chief Scientific Officer and Member of the Group Management Board


The Board of Directors of the Tecan Group has appointed Dr. Martin Brusdeilins as Chief Scientific Officer and a Member of the Group Management Board. He will head the new Science & Technology organizational unit at Group level and take up his role at Tecan on September 1, 2011.Dr. Martin ...


FDA Approves Roche’s HPV Test for Identifying Women at Highest Risk for Cervical Cancer


Roche announced that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the cobas HPV (Human Papillomavirus) Test which identifies women at highest risk for developing cervical cancer. This test will help physicians make early, more accurate decisions about patient care, which may prevent ...


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Nanostructures stabilise lasers

Empa researchers use electron beams for chemical reactions


Electron microscopes use focussed electron beams to make extremely small objects visible. By combining the instrument with a gas-injection system material samples can be manipulated and surface structures measuring only nanometres across can be “written”. Empa researchers, together with ...


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Solvias opens new Corporate Location

On February 2, 2011, Solvias' new office and laboratory building is officially opened.


Just in time for the New Year, the company relocated from Basel to Kaiseraugst. The new laboratories offer more space to provide the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry with the spectrum of services that includes analysis of large and small molecules, solid-state development, and ...


Empa researchers clarify reaction pathway to fabricate graphene-like materials


Graphene is a promising material for tomorrow’s nanoelectronics devices. Precise and upscaleable methods to fabricate graphene and derived materials with desired electronic properties are however still searched after. To overcome the current limitations, Empa researchers have fabricated ...


Clicking Tc-99m SPECT Probes Together

Molecular Assembly of Multifunctional 99mTc Radiopharmaceuticals Using "Clickable" Amino Acid Derivatives


Radioactively labeled compounds are important for use as imaging probes or radiotherapeutic agents. Most radioisotopes with suitable decay properties are transition metals or elements with metallic character. Therefore, bifunctional chelators are required for stable tethering of a given ...


Tecan concludes the sale of the Sample Management activities to NEXUS Biosystems


The Tecan Group announced that the sale of REMP AG, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tecan, as well as other related assets, to NEXUS Biosystems has been completed as planned. From September 1, 2010, the Sample Management business segment will no longer be consolidated within the Tecan Group. It ...


Substantial sales growth for Tecan in first half of 2010

Sales growth of 9.1% to CHF 178.0 million (H1 2009: CHF 163.2 million); 12.2% growth in local currencies


The Tecan Group closed the first half of 2010 with substantial sales growth and a strong operating result. Shortly after the end of the first half year, Tecan signed a share and asset purchase agreement to sell the Sample Management activities as part of its strategic portfolio alignment. The ...


X-Ray Vision: Seeing Plastic Mixtures Inside and Out

Simultaneous surface and bulk imaging of polymer blends with X-ray spectromicroscopy


Two scientists working in Europe have paved the way for improved plastic electronics by devising a technique that can be used to take images of plastic mixtures on the nanoscale simultaneously in the body of the material and at the surface. Low-cost plastic solar cells, brighter displays, and a ...


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