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Unexpected finding solves 40-year old cytoskeleton mystery


Scientists have been searching for it for decades: the enzyme that cuts the amino acid tyrosine off an important part of the cell’s skeleton. Researchers of the Netherlands Cancer Institute have now identified this mystery player, which may be of vital importance to the understanding of cell ...


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Breaking bad: cancer cell drug addiction solved


Cancer cells can become not only resistant but also addicted to the drugs that serve to kill them. A research team led by professor Daniel Peeper from the Netherlands Cancer Institute has now discovered the underlying mechanism, which may guide the development of more rational alternating ...


Shedding light on protein interaction networks in a developing organism


Researchers succeeded for the first time in mapping protein-protein interactions in living developing plant roots. The findings were made by three international research groups led by the department of Plant Developmental Biology at Wageningen University and Research. The work is considered a ...


Eurofins acquires clinical diagnostics company in Italy


Eurofins Scientific announces that it has signed an agreement to acquire Genoma Group Srl in Italy. The transaction is expected to close in the next few weeks, subject to customary closing conditions. With 20 years of clinical testing innovation, Genoma offers a wide range of specialty diagnostic ...


Eurofins expands its footprint in the Balkan region

Acquisition of Environmental Research & Industrial Co-operation in Slovenia


Eurofins Scientific announces that it has signed an agreement to acquire Environmental Research & Industrial Co-operation (“ERICo”), the leading independent laboratory for environment testing services in Slovenia. As the largest private environment testing laboratory in the country, ERICo ...


Eurofins acquires Nab Labs an environmental testing company in Finland


Eurofins Scientific, the global leader in food and environment testing, announces that it has acquired Nab Labs Group Oy, an independent environment testing laboratories in Finland. Nab Labs provides a comprehensive range of environmental research and testing services nationwide, with a strong ...


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The stickiness of molecules

What we could not measure before


When building with molecules, it is important to understand how they stick to each other. The problem is that the methods used to measure this are themselves an influencing factor on the process. Researchers at TU Eindhoven, led by Professor Bert Meijer, present a method that excludes this ...


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Quantum dots illuminate transport within the cell


The quantum dots used by the researchers are particles of semi-conducting material just a few nanometres wide, and are the subject of great interest because of their potential for use in photovoltaic cells or computers. "The great thing about these particles is that they absorb light and emit it ...


New mechanism that leads to inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis discovered


New research findings suggest that synovial CD4+ T cells that produce IL-21 contribute to joint inflammation by activating synovial fibroblasts in rheumatoid arthritis patients. Understanding the mechanisms of inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis is important for the design of new therapies for ...


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Promising discovery for a non-invasive early detection of Alzheimer's disease


A discovery of high relevance in medical research will be published in Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, entitled "Tau Platelets Correlate with Regional Brain Atrophy in Patients with Alzheimer's Disease". The paper stems from a fruitful collaboration between the neuroscience laboratory from the ...


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