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Small step towards growing tissue in the lab


University of Adelaide mathematicians have devised a method for identifying how cell clusters have formed by analysing an image of the cluster. Published in the Journal of Theoretical Biology, their mathematical modelling tool will be useful in helping biologists and tissue engineers to move ...


Diagnosis just a breath away with new laser


University of Adelaide physics researchers have developed a new type of laser that will enable exciting new advances in areas as diverse as breath analysis for disease diagnosis and remote sensing of critical greenhouse gases. Published in the journal Optics Letters, the researchers from the ...


Eurofins continues Asia Pacific build-up with the acquisition of Agrisearch Group in Australia and New Zealand


Eurofins Scientific announced the acquisition of an 81% majority stake in Agrisearch Services, and its wholly owned subsidiaries Agrisearch Analytical and Agrivet Services. Agrisearch is a private contract agricultural and biological research organization in Australia and New Zealand. Founded in ...


Trajan completes acquisition of SGE business


Trajan Scientific and Medical, “Trajan” has completed its acquisition of the Chromatography and Liquid Handling businesses of SGE Analytical Science, “SGE”. SGE was founded by Ern Dawes in Melbourne Australia in 1961 and has remained in the Dawes family for over 50 years. Its business, focussed ...


Nanotechnology helps track and improve drug action in pancreatic cancer


UK and Australian scientists have been able to show ways in which we can markedly improve drug targeting of solid tumours, using tiny 'biosensors' along with new advanced imaging techniques. In real time and in three dimensions, these technologies can show us how cancers spread and how active ...


New type of biosensor is fast, super-sensitive

Detects one-billionth of a gram in minutes


A whole new class of biosensor that can detect exceptionally small traces of contaminants in liquids in just 40 minutes has been developed by a UNSW-led team of researchers.Known as a biochemiresistor, it meets a long-standing challenge to create a sensor that is not only super-sensitive to the ...


Agenix: Patent In Japan for Diagnostic Technology


Agenix Limited announced that Japan's Patent Office had granted a key patent covering the manufacturing process of its ThromboView® imaging agent for the detection of blood clots in humans. Agenix Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Nicholas Weston said, "The granting of patent protection in ...


Breast cancer risk gene discovery fast tracked by new technology


An international team of researchers led by the University of Melbourne has used new technology to fast track the discovery of a breast cancer risk gene and could assist in the discovery of other cancer genes.Professor Melissa Southey of the Genetic Epidemiology Laboratory, Department of ...


Agilent Technologies and University of Technology, Sydney, Open Joint Nuclear Magnet Resonance Facility


Agilent Technologies Inc. and the University of Technology, Sydney, announced the establishment of a joint nuclear magnetic resonance research facility. “At UTS, we’re already doing some fantastic work using NMR, including a project looking at the development of more effective fingerprinting ...


Questions over herbicide classification


The organochlorine 2,2-dichloropropionate, also known as dalapon, is a herbicide that’s regulated in potable water in Australia, but it is also a little known disinfection by-propduct (DBP). Typical levels when formed as a DBP and their relationship to other DBPs are virtually ...


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