Chemie.DE Information Service GmbH receives TÜV certification "Service tested"

Setting Standards in Service Quality for the Chemical, Lab Instrumentation and Biotech Industries

20-02-2009: The German technical inspection association "TÜV Saarland" has awarded Chemie.DE Information Service GmbH with the "Service tested" distinction for customer satisfaction and service quality. On the basis of a comprehensive customer survey, it rated the industry internet portal provider's service with the overall mark of 1.8 ("good") on a five-point scale (from 1=very good to 5= inadequate). Chemie.DE Information Service® is currently Germany's only online information provider to the chemical, analytics, lab instrumentation and biotech industries whose service quality has received such a distinction from a neutral organisation.

Chemie.DE Information Service® had commissioned TÜV Saarland to conduct a customer survey on the basis of which the company's customer satisfaction should be neutrally and independently assessed. Chemie.DE Information Service®'s internet portals and its one-on-one customer service were analysed. The 2,000 questioned customers were not only asked to submit ratings for 18 individual criteria but also to weigh the relevance of these criteria for an overall rating. For the TÜV certification to be awarded the overall rating of all criteria and the ratings of the five criteria deemed most important were required to average 2.25 or better. This ensured that criteria of pivotal importance to customers would carry adequate weight. For Chemie.DE Information Service®, these criteria were: design quality and clarity of the websites, functionality of the websites, availability and stability of the websites, consideration of customers' wishes and needs as well as professional competence of staff. With respect to all five top criteria Chemie.DE Information Service® was able to achieve a significantly better score than required, obtaining an overall mark of 1.8 ("good").

More than 90% of Chemie.DE Information Service®'s customers were found to be "satisfied" or even "very satisfied" with the company's service. The single outstanding mark was 1.25 ("very good") for "friendliness of staff". Thanks to these results Chemie.DE Information Service® was able to exceed the requirements of TÜV Saarland and may henceforth carry the "Service tested" seal of quality.

"We take service quality extremely seriously. We don't just say so - we mean it," Stefan Knecht, Managing Director of Chemie.DE Information Service GmbH, stresses. "The TÜV certification emphasises how important customer relations and customer care are to us. Our overall mark of 1.8 clearly shows that we set standards not only as an information provider to the chemical, lab instrumentation and biotech industries but also with respect to customer service quality. We are delighted to have earned such outstanding appraisal and trust from our customers. This outcome spurs us on to continuously monitor and improve our service quality in the future."

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