OncoMethylome Expands its Amsterdam Laboratory

Colorectal Cancer Screening Program and Service Testing Capabilities Strengthened


OncoMethylome Sciences announced that it has significantly expanded its Amsterdam laboratory operations. The expansion involved hiring of 10 additional scientists experienced in the field of molecular diagnostics, purchase of necessary molecular laboratory equipment, obtaining ISO laboratory certification, and leasing approximately 1000 m2 of laboratory space from the Academic Medical Center (AMC) in Amsterdam. According to the company, the expansion was necessary to support OncoMethylome's colorectal cancer program and to enhance its clinical trial testing services.

In the area of colorectal cancer, OncoMethylome is developing novel, non-invasive, molecular methylation tests to screen for colorectal cancer. The tests are performed on DNA isolated from stool or blood samples. The colorectal cancer program is concentrated in the company's Amsterdam laboratory and is financially supported by the SenterNovem agency of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

In the area of personalized treatment, OncoMethylome is developing tests that predict whether a drug treatment is likely to be effective for a specific patient. The expansion of the Amsterdam laboratory provides OncoMethylome with the required capacity and ISO certification for performing clinical trial testing services in-house.

Furthermore, the Amsterdam laboratory is foreseen to play an increasing role in facilitating OncoMethylome's research collaborations with Dutch oncologists and medical research centers. The company's current collaborators in the Netherlands include the Amsterdam VU Medical Center, the Research Institute Growth and Development (GROW) at the Maastricht Medical Center, and the University of Groningen.

OncoMethylome Sciences S.A.

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