Eppendorf Centrifuge 5424 R wins a ‘red dot award: product design 2011’


Eppendorf AG celebrates success in a leading global design competition which attracted 4,433 entries from 1,700 companies in over 60 nations. Centrifuge 5424 R, a 24-place microcentrifuge, has been honoured for design excellence in the life science and medicine category of ‘red dot award: product design 2011’.

The exceptionally quiet Centrifuge 5424 R is a refrigerated 24-place microcentrifuge equipped with an array of innovative usability and design features. With its very compact size, low access height and near-silent operation – even without the rotor lid – Centrifuge 5424 R fits perfectly into molecular and biological research laboratories. Four different rotors, including a Kit rotor™ to avoid tearing of spin columns with open tube lids, ensure versatility, while users can choose between rotary control knobs or a keypad. With the help of the ‘FastTemp function’ a quick pre-cooling of the centrifuge from 21 ºC to 4 ºC in only 8 minutes is possible. In addition, a temperature range of –10 ºC to +40 ºC and maximum speed of 21,130 x g (15,000 rpm) suit applications including DNA / RNA handling and pelleting of cells, membranes and particles (e.g. beads).

Rounding up the striking benefits of the Centrifuge 5424 R is the fact that it has been developed to meet latest emission and ecological requirements – thus setting new standards.

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