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  • Empa researchers clarify reaction pathway to fabricate graphene-like materials

    Graphene is a promising material for tomorrow’s nanoelectronics devices. Precise and upscaleable methods to fabricate graphene and derived materials with desired electronic properties are however still searched after. To overcome the current limitations, Empa researchers have fabricated graphene-lik more

  • Cornell: Project aims to sequence 2,500 genomes

    Cornell researchers are part of an international collaboration to build the most detailed map of human genetic variation. The map promises to provide a much more comprehensive understanding of the role of inherited DNA variation in human history, evolution and disease and the best methods to use to more

  • Researchers show how cells open 'doors' to release neurotransmitters

    Like opening a door to exit a room, cells in the body open up their outer membranes to release such chemicals as neurotransmitters and other hormones. Cornell researchers have shed new light on this lightning-quick, impossibly small-scale process, called exocytosis, by casting sharp focus on what h more

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Scienion AG

Search: Company Products Resources News & Events News Events Workshops ••  Scienion Technology Optimally Suited for Electrical Biochip Production Scienion’s innovative dispensing technology is excellently suited for a variety of applications wherever contact-free precise handling of ultra low volume more

DIREVO Industrial Biotechnology GmbH - Innovative bioengineered products and processes

Home Impressum About us Management Team Advisory Board Investors Business Markets Partners Technology Discovery Library Generation Assay Development & Screening Confocal Fluorimetry Intellectual Property Applications Protein Engineering Protease Strain Development Developing a Lactic acid strain Pro more


  Vision Expertise Management Scientific Advisory Board     Scientific Advisory Board genmedics has established an Advisory Board consisting of individuals with diverse backgrounds and significant industry experience. Prof. Dr. Friedrich Götz Head of the Department of Microbial Genetics at Universit more

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