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  • In Flow State

    Ever wonder why you have to shake your bottle of ketchup or mustard before pouring? Or why, to get out of quicksand, you must move slowly? Or why you can run on the surface of a suspension of cornstarch in water, but you’d sink if you tried to walk on it? The common feature of all these conundrums a more

  • New technique to sharpen microscope images

    The complexity of biology can befuddle even the most sophisticated light microscopes. Biological samples bend light in unpredictable ways, returning difficult-to-interpret information to the microscope and distorting the resulting image. New imaging technology developed at the Howard Hughes Medical more

  • Vibrational molecular pathology

    IR and Raman spectral imaging can distinguish between tissue types, disease types and stages, and even identify the primary tumors from spectral patterns observed in metastatic cells. Furthermore, these techniques can be used in the detection of circulating tumor cells. Spectral histopathology proce more

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Measuring Protein Molecular Weight with the Malvern Zetasizer Nano

A summary of the new capabilities of the Zetasizer Nano systems and how to measure molecular weight with a single angle light scattering system


Laser Diffraction Masterclass 7: Comparison of light scattering and image analysis techniques

With the advent of automated imaging systems, it is now possible to obtain statistically significant size distributions using image analysis. This webinar considers how imaging techqniues compared to laser diffraction for particle size measurements.


Studying Emulsion Stability Using Light Scattering Techniques

The stability of emulsions is an important requisite in several applications. This presentation discusses the use of dynamic and electrophoretic light scattering techniques to assist with optimizing emulsion stability

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