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  • AFM positioning: Shining light on a needle in a haystack

    The researchers characterize their new technique as a neat solution to the "needle in a haystack" problem of nanoscale microscopy, but it's more like the difference between finding the coffee table in a darkened room either by walking around until you fall over it, or using a flashlight. In a new pa more

  • Malvern Instruments opens third centre of excellence in India

    On 10 February 2010 materials characterization expert Malvern Instruments opened a third centre of excellence in India, established through its joint venture company Malvern Aimil Instruments Pty. Located in Delhi, and designed to serve customers in the north and north east of India, the new centre more

  • Optics made to measure

    If you are in the business of developing high-speed electronic components, it pays not to lose sight of the electrons. To keep track of them you will need to use dedicated optical elements, such as those now on offer from UltraFast Innovations GmbH. The new company, which has just been founded by re more

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  • Half a Century of Chromatography with Agilent and Predecessors

    Twsett originated the chromatography with his work about the separation of chlorophyll in 1903. For some time it was relatively quite around this new technology. Exceptions were the workings of Kuhn and Lederer (1931) as well as of Hesse (1936 and 1942). A break through succeeded to E. Cremer during the 40ies, but hardly considered caused by the war events, what however in the years 1950/51 by the conception of the gas chromatography suddenly changed and involved a rapid development more

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  The Company Products & Technologies PR and Publications Career     Company News HUENENBERG and ZURICH, Switzerland – September 14, 2009 Alcon to Acquire Swiss Biotechnology Firm, ESBATech AG Company gains access to proprietary antibody fragment technology particularly suited to treat eye diseases more

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