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  • Analytik Jena appoints new managing director at Japanese subsidiary

    Analytik Jena AG has appointed Dr. Marco Tilgner as the new managing director of the Japanese subsidiary AJ Japan as of January 1, 2014. Mr. Tilgner, who will report in his future role to Analytik Jena Chief Executive Officer Klaus Berka, already took over responsibility for finance and administrati more

  • Netzsch Acquires Bruker’s Thermal Analysis Instruments Business in Japan

    The Netzsch Analyzing & Testing division and Bruker Corporation announced jointly that Netzsch Japan K.K. has acquired Bruker’s Thermal Analysis instruments business in Japan.  Together with the well-established international Netzsch group, Netzsch Japan will further develop, produce, distribute and more

  • WITec opens branch offices in Japan and Spain

    WITec GmbH continues to expand its worldwide presence with the opening of new regional offices in Japan and Spain. Both offices will provide sales operations, pre- and after-sales technical support, customer event organization or product demonstrations. The WITec office in Japan is conveniently loca more

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  • Superior Transfection of Human Embryonic Stem Cells with FuGENE® HD Transfection Reagent

    Gene manipulation techniques are potentially powerful tools in many applications for human embryonic stem (ES) cell research. Controlling expression levels of specific genes may improve the efficiency of differentiation induction. Cell types of interest may be collected using marker genes and antibiotic resistance genes. Tracking of ES cells derived after engraftment could be facilitated by tracer genes. It may also be possible to selectively destroy transplanted cells. more

  • New Silicone Technologies for Skin Care

    In today's competitive skin care market, consumers look for a range of benefits, superior aesthetics and cost effectiveness. In response, formulators strive to create products that are multifunctional, easy to use and effective in small quantities. At the same time, the most successful products deliver benefits that stand out from those of the competition. Creams, lotions and color cosmetics must be easy to spread and comfortable to wear, without feeling tacky or greasy. Silicones have been popular ingredients in skin care products for more than fifty years. These versatile materials are known for their emolliency, wetting and spreading characteristics and ability to provide unique aesthetics. As technology continues to evolve, silicones increasingly offer multifunctional, high performance properties. This article reviews some of the newest silicone technologies available for the formulation of innovative skin care products more

  • Good Reasons to Use ATR Libraries

    Transmission spectroscopy was the only method in general use until the early 1960s. The first applications of attenuated total reflection (ATR) or internal reflection spectroscopy were reported independently by Fahrenfort and Harrick. Especially macromolecular materials (rubbers, fibers, fabrics, coatings, laminates etc), which often failed to yield useful transmittance spectra, became accessible for infrared spectroscopic investigations by the ATR technique. Meanwhile, the ATR technique has been proven to be an extremely useful technique for material analysis and has become more widely used for all but gaseous samples. more

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