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  • Malvern Instruments acquires Viscotek Corporation

    Materials characterization company Malvern Instruments has acquired Viscotek Corporation, provider of chromatography solutions for the characterization of natural and synthetic polymers and proteins. According to the company, the acquisition of Viscotek brings new and complementary technologies and more

  • Varian, Inc. Acquires Polymer Laboratories Ltd.

    Varian, Inc. announced that it has acquired PL International Limited, and its subsidiaries including Polymer Laboratories Ltd. for approximately $42 million in cash net of acquired cash, subject to certain net asset adjustments. The transaction also includes an opportunity for additional purchase pr more

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  • Do you see the complete picture?

    Gel permeation chromatography (GPC) or also named size exclusion chromatography (SEC) is the most often used method for determining the molecular weight of natural and synthetic macromolecules. One specific strength of this method lies in the fact th more

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Enzymes and reagents for genetic engineering and Molecular biologicals from Bangalore Genei, Bangalo

    Tools for Proteomic Research . PRODUCT Tools for Proteomic Research - full pdf ● Kits for Protein Purification & Analysis GST - Fusion Protein Purification Kit His - Tag Fusion Protein Purification Kit (IDA Based) Polyhistidine Protein Purification Kit (TED Based) Protein Estimation Kit by Lowry more

"The fine art of life science" MicroMol GmbH: Molecular Biology   Contract R&D  |   Microbiology  |   Cell Biology  |   Molecular Biology  |   Newsletter Molecular Biology Molecularbiology is the daily work at MicroMol and our researchers as well as the technical staff are familiar with all the useful methods and technologies which are state of the more

About Sonntek, Inc.

    Sonntek, Inc. 125 Pleasant Avenue Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458 1-201-236-9300 / FAX 1-201-236-2277 Products: HPLC: systems, modules, spare parts (micro, analytical, prep). New pumps: dual-piston, hi-low mixing, and isocratic quaternary. New high-sensitivity absorption detectors: fixed, multiple, more

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