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  • Fluorescence microscopy on a chip -- no lenses required

    Fluorescence microscopy gives researchers incredible power to illuminate the tiniest structures and capture the real-time activities of live cells by tagging biological molecules with a veritable rainbow of fluorescent dyes. This power comes at a cost: The technology can be expensive and time-consum more

  • New dyes detect disease through heartbeat signals

    Vibrant tones of yellow, orange, and red move in waves across the screen. Although the display looks like psychedelic art, it's actually providing highly technical medical information -- the electrical activity of a beating heart stained with voltage-sensitive dyes to test for injury or disease. The more

  • Seeing DNA 'blink'

    Many of the secrets of cancer and other diseases lie in the cell's nucleus. But getting way down to that level -- to see and investigate the important genetic material housed there -- requires creative thinking and extremely powerful imaging techniques. Vadim Backman and Hao Zhang, nanoscale imaging more

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