1-day "Hands-on" Gas Chromatography Course

in Open University in Milton Keynes on 11.09.2012

A hands-on course is a one-day course, mixing theory and hands-on practicals in a lab environment. A maximum of 4 delegates can attend to ensure the needs of every individual are met and half of your time will be spent in the lab.

The knowledge you will gain spans both Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry and can be applied to both.

You can mix and match hands-on courses to meet your exact requirements, allowing you to bridge the gaps in knowledge you want to fill.

"Hands-on” Gas Chromatography

Spend the first part of the day learning the theory of gas chromatography and then use this knowledge to create split and splitless methods, perform manual and liquid autosampler injections and change oven temperature programs to optimise the separation of analytes detected with an FID.

This course will cover the gas supplies, liquid autosampler, hot split and splitless injections, the analytical column and detection by FID and ECD.

This course is suitable for all levels of knowledge

Type of Event: Courses
Event Date: 11.09.2012
Event Organiser: Anthias Consulting Ltd
Frau Diane Turner
1 Hamden Way
CB23 3UG Papworth Everard
United Kingdom
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