2nd Iraq Health Expo 2012

in Baghdad from 03-Sep-2012 - 06-Sep-2012

International Medical Equipment, Healthcare Industry and Services Exhibition

Iraq is being reconstructed in all aspects after a six year period of war from 2003 to 2009. The US army started to withdraw its troops in 2009 and the Iraqi government now wants to focus solely on how to achieve the development of the country and solve the major problems of its people.As implied by state officials, Iraq was one of the leading nations in healthcare in the Middle East until 2003 but this positive trend turned into a reverse one after the invasion in 2003. After the war ended, the implications of the conflict have and healthcare is one of the most critical and urgent matters that the government has to deal with.Baghdad Medical Exhibition offers you the opportunity to have a key decision maker role in rebuilding the Iraqi Healthcare Sector and meet the professionals and related governmental body to achieve this purpose.

Type of Event: Fairs/Exhibitions
Event Date: 03-Sep-2012 to 06-Sep-2012
Event Location: Expotim International Fair Organizations INC
Event Organiser: Expotim International Fair Organizations INC
Herr Tansu Karabulut
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