Basic Essentials of GC & GC-MS, Method Development & Troubleshooting Training Course Liverpool

in Liverpool from 30.08.2010 - 03.09.2010

>Package Course
Take advantage of this reduced rate 5-day instrument-independent package training course which aims to provide the key essential approaches in performing both GC (emphasis on chromatography) and GC-MS (emphasis on mass spectrometer detection), and how to avoid the pitfalls. Composed of the 2-day Basic Essentials of GC module course, 2-day Basic Essentials of GC-MS module course and the 1-day Method Development and Troubleshooting for GC and GC-MS module Course. You can attend all the course modules either at the Liverpool location, or alternatively, over multiple locations throughout the year *. You can also take the 1-day Headspace Analysis course in place of the 1-day Method Development and Troubleshooting Course at a different location.*All courses in the package must be taken within a maximum 9 month period.

>Modular Course
It is also possible to opt to attend just the 2-day Basic Essentials of GC course module or the 2-day Basic Essentials of GC-MS course module, or only the 1-day method development and troubleshooting for GC & GC-MS course module in Liverpool.

>Who is the 5-day training package course for?
>Complete beginners/early users to GC & GC-MS
>Analysts experienced with a few years in GC and/or GC-MS analysis looking for a 1st formal course
>Analysts looking for a refresher GC & GC-MS course
>Analysts looking for a complete GC and GC-MS & method development & troubleshooting course

>Who attends? academic based lab technicians, commercial lab analysts & R&D staff, post-doc, PhD and MSc Students, lab managers/supervisors and service engineers from across Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

>Overview of course topics

2-day Basic Essentials of GC:
•Separation Mechanisms
•Fundamental principles in gas chromatography
•Quantification (external and internal standard)

2-day Basic Essentials of GC-MS:
•Introduction to GC
•Principles of mass spectroscopy
•Ionisation techniques
•Detectors in mass spectroscopy
•Scan modes
•(MS)n and Chemical Ionisation (CI)
•PICI &NICI (positive & negative chemical Ionisation)
•Identifying problems strategy
•Sample introduction (injection technique)
•Selecting GC consumables & maintenance
•MS maintenance

1-day Method Development & Troubleshooting GC & GC-MS:
•Global view of a method
•Sample introduction conditions
•Column selection
•Detector selection
•Chromatographic method and temperature
•Experimental parameter optimisation
•Quality control and quantitative evaluation of a method

>Request a full course program or book a course for any courses or course modules from Dr Martine Barnes at

Type of Event: Courses
Event Date: 30.08.2010 to 03.09.2010
Event Location: Amoeba Sciences Ltd
Liverpool city centre
United Kingdom
Deadline: 28th August 2010
Event Organiser: amoeba sciences ltd
martine barnes
68 stepgates
KT16 8HX Chertsey
United Kingdom
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