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Eppendorf Xplorer plus - The simple solution for fast and safe pipetting

The Eppendorf Xplorer plus, the advanced version of the Eppendorf Xplorer, is the perfect choice for all users who need additional speed and safety every day more

New Eppendorf tubes with flip tops for 5 ml volumes

The Eppendorf Tubes® 5.0 mL close the gap between 1.5 ml reaction tubes and 15 ml screw-top tubes. Reaction tubes with optimized dimensions for volumes more

Preventing DNA and protein from binding to reaction vessels

When samples are stored in standard reaction tubes, over 90% of the sample may be lost in 24 hours due to binding to the plastic surface more

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Centrifuge 5810/ 5810 R with new rotor generation

The Eppendorf approach to product development is, and has always been, about giving you more. More quality, more innovation. Eppendorf is now introducing the new rotor generation elevating your centrifuge performance to a new level. Enjoy unique product features that improve handling and performance more

Preventing DNA and protein from binding to reaction vessels

LoBind makes the difference Did you know that when samples are stored in standard reaction tubes, over 90% of the sample may be lost in as little as 24 hours due to binding to the plastic surface? In this context, working with proteins, viruses or cells presents a special challenge. Proteins consist more

Eppendorf’s Combitips advanced® for high precision Dispensing of problematic Liquids

The Eppendorf Combitips have been completely redesigned and optimized so that they are capable of meeting the increased requirements of a modern laboratory to a greater extent than ever before. The result is the Combitips advanced®. As they offer a wide variety of advantages in comparison with the C more

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  • Industry's major international players choose analytica

    The international trade fair for the global analysis, laboratory technology and biotechnology industry takes place in Munich for the 24th time from April 1 – 4, 2013, and companies are coming. So far, 714 exhibitors have registered for analytica (compared to 664 exhibitors in 2011). That is an incre more

  • Eppendorf celebrates opening of new UK headquarters

    Eppendorf has celebrated the opening of its new UK headquarters in Stevenage together with 60 guests from all walks of science and industry. Guest of honour Dr Dirk Ehlers, President & CEO of Eppendorf AG, performed the official opening of Eppendorf House, a high-grade, energy-efficient facility on more

  • analytica: Diverse range of information in related-events program

    Some 1,000 exhibitors from the laboratory-technology, analysis and biotechnology sectors will present their latest products at analytica in Munich from April 17 – 20. Besides the exhibition and the scientific analytica Conference, a practice-oriented program of related events awaits visitors. There more

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  • Analysis of the DNA Methylation Patterns at the BRCA1 CpG Island

    Germ-line alterations of the BRCA1 gene confer a lifetime risk of 40% for ovarian cancers and of 40%-80% for ­breast cancers. It is likely that BRCA1 acts as a tumor suppressor gene. BRCA1 involvement in breast cancers does not seem to be restricted to familial cancers. Despite the absence of somatic mutations in the breast tissues, a down regulation of BRCA1 expression is associated with malignancy in human sporadic breast cancers. more

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Velp Laboratory Equipment, Magnetic Stirrers, Stirrer, Lab Equipment, Hot Plates, Plate, Mills, Mixe

 apparecchiature da laboratorio strumenti da laboratorio laboratory equipment lab equipment Kjeldahl block digestion vortex mixer magnetic stirrer hot plate stirrer solvent extractor BOD analisys Welcome Important information Thank you for visiting our Website. For the best viewing experience, plea more

BioGlobe Molecular Genetic Laboratory

      BioGlobe GmbH Grandweg 64 22529 Hamburg Germany fon: +49 (0)40 429 346-0 fax: +49 (0)40 429 346-10   Company       BioGlobe is a life science company providing services in all fields of life sciences. As a spin-off of the IHF, one of the most prestigious research Institutes of the University o more


Services directly from the manufacturer Davids Biotechnologie How to prepare your cells for sending How to send cells 1. Sending frozen on dry ice. a) Frozen in 5-10% DMSO in Medium with 10-20% Serum or serum free if special media were used. b) Frozen in 5 % glycerin in Medium with 10-20% serum or s more

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