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  • Bio Nano Consulting partner develops novel nanolitre scale technique

    Bio Nano Consulting (BNC) announced the availability of a new technique that screens low-yielding proteins, facilitating the evaluation of both protein denaturation and protein:drug interactions. This novel method, pioneered by researchers from the UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering and the more

  • SGE Analytical Science: eVol Wins prestigious R&D100 Technology Innovation Award

    eVol®, the world’s first automated analytical syringe created and manufactured by SGE Analytical Science, has been selected as a 2010 R&D100 Award winner. eVol® is a unique laboratory tool that removes the human limitation of manual liquid handling delivering significantly improved levels of accura more

  • Blinking neurons give thoughts away

    Electrical currents are invisible to the naked eye – at least they are when they flow through metal cables. In nerve cells, however, scientists are able to make electrical signals visible. Working with fellow experts from Switzerland and Japan, scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Medical Re more

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