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Thermal Analysis of Petrochemicals

Thermal analysis methods help you to address issues directly related to the quality and processing of oil and oil-based products in the petrochemical industry. The methods can be used to measure the properties of materials as a function of temperature or time over a wide temperature range, ...



14.01.2015  - 15.01.2015

The Conference and Exhibition, will take place on January 14 & 15, 2015, in the David Intercontinental Hotel, in Tel-Aviv, Israel. In the recent years, ISRANALYTICA has achieved major successes and has become the most prestigious analytical chemistry meeting in Israel. In 2014 it has attracted ...



23.03.2015  - 26.03.2015

Die ANAKON ist die wichtigste Konferenz in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz für den Wissensaustausch in allen Bereichen der Analytischen Chemie und verwandten Gebieten. Die moderne Analytische Chemie hat den engeren Bereich der Chemie längst verlassen und trägt heute oft ohne bewusste ...



21.04.2015  - 24.04.2015

KOREA LAB 2015 is the biggest exhibition in Korea featuring analysis and measurement devices used in testing labs, experiments, and researches, which introduces new technologies and products for experiments and researches in the fields of physics and chemistry, biotechnologies, environment, and ...


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High Throughput Chemistry & Chemical Biology

14.06.2015  - 19.06.2015

The 2015 GRC on High-Throughput Chemistry and Chemical Biology (HTCCB) will feature cutting edge talks bridging the disciplines of organic chemistry and chemical biology across a diverse range of topics. Invited speakers from both industry and academia will focus on the latest advances in ...


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19.07.2015  - 24.07.2015

The 2015 Gordon Research Conference on Photochemistry will have a special focus on applications of photochemical reactions in industry and applied science, with speakers from academia, government-sponsored laboratories, and global corporate research facilities. Special attention will be given at ...


6th International Conference and Exhibition on Analytical & Bioanalytical Techniques

01.09.2015  - 03.09.2015

The previous five conferences on Analytical and Bioanalytical Techniques which were held at India, China and USA have gained interest from eminent scientists all over the world in Pharmaceutical R&D. Now it is the time for Analytica-2015 to share novel approaches in all those research areas where ...


6th World Congress on Biotechnology

30.11.2015  - 02.12.2015

Conference Highlights: - Biotechnology in Agriculture - Biotechnology in Health Care - Food and Bioprocess Technology - Cancer and Genomics Research - Genetic Engineering and rDNA Technology - Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular biology - Microbiology and Microbial World - Animal Biotechnology and ...


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analytica China 2016

10.10.2016  - 12.10.2016

Die analytica China mit der analytica China Conference spricht mit ihrem Ausstellungsportfolio Analytik, Labortechnik, Diagnostik und Biotechnologie einen der wichtigsten Wachstumsmärkte dieser Branche in Asien an, China. Die Messe findet alle zwei Jahre im Shanghai New International Expo Centre ...


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