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22.10. – 24.10.
Sitges, ES

Cell Symposia CRISPR: From Biology to Technology

CRISPR systems can cleave and precisely incorporate DNA into defined locations in the genome. These elegant machineries evolved to protect microbes from phage invaders but have recently been repurposed by scientists as powerful tools for biological discovery and biotechnology. CRISPR-based platforms


High-Throughput Screening: An Insider’s Guide to Outsourcing

High-throughput screening (HTS) is an established means to identify starting points in the drug discovery process. As a significant investment is necessary to undertake high-throughput screening efficiently, screening is increasingly being outsourced by researchers in the not-for-profit, biotechnolo


A Systematic Patient‐Derived Xenograft Based Solution for Preclinical Biomarker Discovery

Tumor heterogeneity is a major hurdle for cancer treatment success. To effectively enroll patients in clinical trials, the identification of predictive biomarkers at the preclinical stage is crucial. The use of patient-derived xenograft (PDX) tumor models facilitates the identification of biomarkers

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